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    Dear leaders,  managers and HR managers

    Would you like to be surrounded by committed, motivated and productive employees?

    To do so, nobody needs to tell you that some essential conditions must be set up to create a win-win work environment: climate of confidence, support, security, a clear and open communication, freedom to improve or innovate and to learn also from failures.

    My two ways of coaching are for:

    • your current employees with the CALM+E™ method in individual sessions or in workshops
    • your dismissed employees with the outplacement program

    Whatever the service chosen, I mentor them to embrace any change, to remove the barriers of what prevent them from being fully committed in the current experience and to reap the benefits.

    If you wish to maximize your competitiveness, create a frame of work valued by the public, envied by your competitors and to attract and retain the talents, please contact me. We will customize together your needs.

    CALM™ method for your employees

    Dive into the One-known !

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