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    The professional world is in total transformation. Integrate the ethical and sustainability HR approach to attract, develop and/or keep your talents, the time they are within your company. They feel considered, valued and developed. This also to satisfy the needs of freedom, autonomy and flexibility of the younger generation. Choose this “win-win” approach if you would like to have a direct positive impact on their commitment and efficiency!

    Self-connection through several ways:

    • Outplacement – a 3-step plan to bounce back from being made redundant, individual sessions or in group: transcend the skills… Embracing the negative emotions to free them much faster. To make the most of this work on self to bounce back better!
    • Self-Connection workshop: to better understand oneself and the others in order to feel well and to optimize the work and interaction together.
    • Ad-hoc coaching for your employees in terms of development, transition, transfer, motivation, time management or specific identified needs.
    • Hypnosis / guided meditation for deep relaxation, stress management, reaching your goals…

    Please contact us so we can together define the appropriate services required by the different groups of your employees.

    You may ask your questions on the live chat. If I am available, I will answer you directly, otherwise I will get back to you within 24 hours.

    Outplacement 1-to-1
    Outplacement – Workshop
    Self connection – Worshop to express emotions
    Ad-hoc coaching
    Hypnosis / Meditation in companies

    Tremble but go on!

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