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  • Workshop CALM™ to liberate your employees’ strength

    Do CALM™ to liberate one’s strength!

    This workshop enables them to:

    • decode their professional experiences, understand why they live that and why there are conflicts and suffering
    • learn how to definitely release emotional knots in the body, coming from fears, hurdles, beliefs, programming, self-limitations because any personal change goes through the body
    • overcome conditioning by understanding the power of being now, the mechanism of the ego, the mind, the power given to the personalities, what makes suffering in order to use these tools at their advantage instead of undergoing them.

    Their benefits:

    • they will be serene and feel their strength and the freedom to develop their talents, their creativity and to develop their full potential
    • they will combine the use of the left and right brains to fulfil themselves collectively and individually
    • they will interact more harmoniously at any levels and any change process will be facilitated

    Benefits for your company:

    • higher commitment, loyalty, efficiency, creativity and productivity
    • lower absenteeism and lower expenses linked to illness
    • a better atmosphere and a better communication
    • higher attractiveness as an employer and a better reputation
    • a forerunner positioning in human resources management

    This workshop is totally customizable. Individual sessions are also possible. Please get in touch and let’s define together the most adequate services for your employees.

    Dive into the One-known !

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