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  • CALM™ method for your employees

    The CALM™ method, that I created, is very efficient and simple to practice. It is a combination of hypnosis and meditation with concrete and lasting benefits. It gives a way to embrace any change, to stop conflicts quickly, to collaborate actively, to be in a continuous improvement and creation process, with the freedom to learn from failures too.

    Benefits for your employees :

    • any change is easily embraced
    • quick release of tensions
    • comprehension of their own patterns, of the conflicts mechanism
    • autonomy to release by their own other topics complicating life at work
    • the changes at work may be appreciated in the private area as well

    Benefits for your company

    • higher commitment, loyalty, efficiency, creativity and productivity
    • lower absenteeism and lower expenses linked to illness
    • a better atmosphere and a better communication
    • higher attractiveness as an employer and a better reputation
    • a forerunner positioning in human resources management

    Please contact me, so we can together define the appropriate coaching services for your company either with workshops or individual sessions.

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