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  • Outplacement 1-to-1

    1-to-1 sessions program (in the office or by video conference)

    For those who leave your company willingly or not, offer an outplacement program for individuals that really shows your support. Help your ex-employees to free their negative emotions much faster in order to bounce back better! In the end, they are conscious of the generous gift and would like to thank you for it!

    Benefits for your company:

    • You help to turn a negative experience into a positive opportunity
    • You concretely show your consideration and support
    • The negatives feelings are alleviated
    • Your image is much more positive thanks to a better redundancy management
    • You reassure and keep your employees motivated

    Benefits for your ex-employees:

    • Support right after the redundancy announcement => they feel your consideration
    • Fast relief of their negatives emotions and a positive projection towards the future
    • Assessment transcending the skills, integrating the personal area
    • Concrete and ad hoc solutions to bounce back better
    • Coaching done during the notice period, the registration with the unemployment office may be avoided

    Concrete results of the program for your ex-employees:

    • They control their life
    • They have a motivating project to achieve
    • Strong knowledge of themselves and their challenges
    • Self-esteem and self-confidence reinforced or regained
    • Relationships with family and relations will be improved or reinforced
    • Positive approach to life
    • Preservation of the well-being with simple and efficient tools


    Please contact us to know more about the program so we can together define the appropriate services required by the different groups of your employees.

    Fear but move forward!

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