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  • My coaching

    My key strengths are:

    • to adapt myself according to what comes out to guide you through the path you choose
    • Share the “how”: how to concretely do, how to see and release through the body the tensions that appear
    • Equally understand logical, rational people than the more artistic, intuitive ones

    My Values

    • Kindness: the others, as anything, it is also me
    • Respect: accept the others as anything as they are, accept what it is
    • Detachment: to dis-identify, get rid of stories to get out of suffering
    • Discernment: to honestly distinguish the impulse of Life, of Love from the impulse of programming (ego)
    • Autonomy: to share with other tools and information in order to be our own master
    • Humor: Life is a big game. The more we play, the more fun it is

    I will help you to be fully empowered:

    1. How: I help you with “How to change? How to do it?”
    2. A balance of the rational et emotional / creative sides
    3. Collaboration 50-50: I coach you, you make it reality
    4. Responsibility: you manage and control the change process
    5. Awareness: you become aware, take a bird’s-eye view, see the connections, regain the sense of life and find your solutions
    6. Tools / resources: you practise them, use them on a daily basis and enjoy the benefits
    7. Autonomy: you are more and more independent and at the end, you are fully empowered and continue your path on your own


    According to your needs in a session or between two meetings, I use several tools, techniques and empirical methods:

    • Emotions release through the body
    • Hypnosis
    • Energy Healing
    • Techniques to release emotions
    • Science of numbers
    • Empirical tools / methods
    • Neuro-semantic
    • Neuro-Linguistic programming NLP
    • Systemic approach
    • Social Panorama
    • Transactional analysis

    To know more about your 3 main benefits

    Fear but move forward!

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