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  • Workshop CALM™ – deconditioning and encoding


    Come to learn to do CALM™ and in small few minutes, you definitely release the emotional knots stuck in the body that are the accumulation of fears, anxiety, anger, hatred, sadness, disgust, frustration, jealousy, culpability, shame, inferiority complex, etc. All these repressed emotions create physical tensions, pains and dysfunctions.

    These emotional knots come from beliefs, conditioning and self-limitations. Beliefs govern our life. Therefore, the more you give importance to them, the more you suffer as the level of suffering is as high as your focus on a belief.

    Jump off the hamster wheel, the conditioning by deprogramming yourself and/or encoding new beliefs through the body because any change happens through the body!

    In addition, you will also be able to decode situations in your daily life by understanding the mechanism of the ego, the mental, the mirror effect, the emotions and the body. You will be able to use these tools at your advantage rather than undergoing them.

    If you prefer, you don’t even need to talk about yourself, the problem or anything else. Just do CALM™ and you will be autonomous to release other topics in your daily life, in particular your professional, love, friendship, family and social relationships.

    In addition, you will feel less lonely by meeting other people with the same questioning and experiences.

    Don’t wait for anything or anybody to be well. Subscribe now to offer yourself this well-being that manifests itself by more love, joy, creativity, serenity, abundance, and many more things!

    I look forward to meeting you soon!

    It is possible to organize a customized CALM™ workshop for the members of a same family, company, association, organization. Please contact me for more information.

    *To know more about CALM™ method :

    If you want to do CALM™ by yourself, theme LIBEREZ:

    The workshop will be held in French

    Date : Thursday August 6th, 2020
    Place : Art’Place To Be, 6, rue Michel-Chauvet, 1206 Genève
    Schedule : from 19h00 to 20h30
    Price : CHF 35.- / mandatory subscription:

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