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  • CALM™ method – Deconditioning and Encoding


    CALM™ : my method combining hypnosis and meditation


    Several year ago, after an experience of enlightenment, I received the knowledge of this method. Long time ago, this method was mainly transmitted from a spiritual awakened master to his devoted disciples.  Today, I have this gift to share it with you in order to enable an awakening of the Consciousness at a large scale.

    How it works?

    This method is used for the deconditioning and the encoding.

    In general, you come for 1 to 3 sessions, depending of the pace of integration of the method.

    1 to 2 sessions are necessary to practice the method and to understand the mechanisms that I explain below.  You practice during several weeks and there is an eventual third session to see the changes, to adapt the way to practice according to your needs. Then you are fully autonomous to continue on your own.

    For whom? For adults, teenagers and children if…

    • you are ready to get out of the victim role or any other role difficult to live (in family, at work, in society, in a group, etc.).
    • you would like new things : another work, partner, friend, house, life, project, etc.
    • you wish changes without talking about the problem, without analyzing it or to understand its origin.
    • you are not well with yourself, in your life, are full of fears, negative emotions or negative thoughts.
    • your mental is very active and you don’t know how to reduce it.
    • you are stressed from the morning to the evening or you are quickly stressed by any daily situation (interactions with others, exams, job interviews, speak in public, etc.).
    • you live painful situations (bereavement, break-up, divorce, loss of a job, retirement, etc.).
    • you have repetitive symptômes or physical pains and the medical field don’t find any solution.
    • you tried several therapies/techniques without success.
    • you are in a therapy process but in parallel, you are interested in a method using the body.
    • as a parent, you are interested in a spiritual approach to guide and and support your child.
    • you would like to create projects but fears paralyze you.
    • you search tools to do by yourself, to take care of your well-being on your own.
    • you look for a simple and efficient tool for yourself and also for your clients.

    What benefits?

    • A simple, easy and efficient method. The peaceful space acts naturally, you have nothing to do!
    • Communication with the body and your sovereignty regained
    • An increasing awareness of the sensations in the body, with no effort
    • Quick and definitive results
    • The origin of the problem is released by doing until the end of the process.
    • No turning back: what is “worked” with the method is definitively released
    • Autonomy to do by yourself, without dependence to anyone, to anything
    • Your inner energy is modified, your reality changes too
    • More compassion towards yourself and the others, without any effort

    Philosophy CALM™

    My philosophy is a simple method, using the peaceful space to decondition and/or to encode new things.

    When we take things personally and seriously, suffering comes to remind us of it. Being stuck in our mental, in our ego, we resist and we don’t see the precious help coming from our inner self, expressed by sensations in the body. All information is available in front of us if we are willing to see.

    Human suffering comes mainly form the fact that we are identified to our persona. We focus on beliefs and deeply think that they are the ultimate Truth. Conflicts and wars occur when we want to impose our truth to others. The agony will be exactly at the same level as the level of focus on these beliefs, on our identity.

    We mainly suffer from the same things: fear of death, fear of not being loved, fear of insecurity and the famous childhood wounds, such as: abandonment, rejection, humiliation, injustice and betrayal. I also add guilt. It is with these biased filters that we grew up, that we built our personality, our beliefs, our life.

    Since childhood, we live plenty of emotions. An emotion fully lived just goes through the body and we move on. However, an emotion that we refused to fully feel will be “stuck” in the body (an emotional charge). As we live what we vibrate, this inner emotional charge will create same repetitive situations in order for us to be conscious of it and until we accept to release it.

    But human beings don’t like to suffer. We refuse to feel sensation considered as unpleasant or even painful in the body. We will do all we can to deny it, to conceal it by all sorts of activities, compulsive acts, addictions. This flight traps us in the hamster wheel and keep us in suffering for hours, days, weeks, months, years and even until death.

    I teach you how to go the peaceful space, to stay there and let it do what it knows naturally and smartly do.

    Beliefs/conditioning may be expressed by multiple ways: fears, phobia, anxiety, depression, stress, burnout, anger, hatred, sadness, discouragement, disgust, frustration, jealousy, guilt, shame, lack of confidence, complexes, procrastination, failures, lack of concentration, compulsive acts, addictions, allergies, intolerances, itching, insomnia, etc.

    The numerous feedbacks regularly received long after the sessions confirm the efficiency and the durability of the changes.

    Anything we live brings us to be conscious of our true nature, to get out of the suffering. Any change begins from within. If we would like to see changes around us, it is obvious that the starting point is the transformation or ourselves. It is how important evolution may occur at small or big scales.

    If you feel the momentum to practice this method, please contact:

    I look forward to meeting or seeing you again soon!

    Dive into the One-known !

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