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  • CALM+E™ method – deconditioning and encoding


    CALM+E™ : my method combining hypnosis and meditation


    Several years ago, following an experience of enlightenment, I was gifted with the knowledge of this method. Before, a spiritual awakened master used to transmit this method to his disciples only. Today, I am lucky to be able to transmit it to you in order to enable the awakening of the Consciousness at a big scale.

    How does it work?

    In general, the mentoring process is short, between 1 to 3 sessions.

    1 to 2 sessions are necessary to integrate the method and to understand the mechanisms explained below. You practice during few weeks and we eventually meet for a second or third time to discuss about the changes, the evolution of precise situations/themes. Then, you are autonomous to continue on your way by yourself.

    For Whom? For adults and teenagers, if…

    • you decided to get out of the victim’s role or any other painful role/label (in family, at work, in society, in a group, etc.)
    • you wish novelty in your life: a new job, partner, friend, home, etc.
    • you would like a change without talking about the problem, to analyze it or to know its source
    • you are not feeling well with yourself, you feel overwhelmed by your fears, emotions, negatives thoughts
    • your mental activity is very intense and you don’t know how to reduce it
    • you are very stressed the whole day or in specific situations (social/professional/sentimental interactions, exams, job interviews, presentations in public, etc.)
    • you live difficult situations (mourning, divorce, break-up, job loss, retirement, etc.)
    • you have recurrent symptoms or pains and medical aid can’t find solutions
    • you have experimented several therapies/techniques, with no clear change
    • you have been in a therapy and in parallel, you are interested by a method using the body
    • you are parenting and look for an approach to guide and to support your child at best
    • you would like to undertake a new projects but your fears paralyze you
    • you look for tools to do by your own, to take responsibility of your well-being
    • you look for a simple and efficient tool for yourself and to teach it to your client/patient
    • these words ring a bell to you: logic, concrete, pragmatism, simplicity, easiness, efficiency

    What benefits?

    • A simple and easy method. The body does it naturally and intelligently
    • Quick and permanent results
    • The source of the problem is released by going to the end of the process
    • No turning back: what is seen/released is definitely gone
    • Autonomy to do by your own, without depending on anything or anyone
    • You change your inner energy and your reality changes
    • More compassion towards yourself and the others, with no effort

    Approach of CALM+E™

    My approach is a simple method, using the body, combined with specific understandings to enjoy our character, play with life.

    When we take things personally and seriously, suffering comes to remind us of that. As we are trapped in our mind, our ego, we resist and don’t see this precious aid from within, that our body expresses with sensations.

    The human suffering mainly results from the strong identification with our character, our focus on beliefs that we take for ultimate truth. Conflicts and wars take place when we want to impose our truth to others. The torment experienced is exactly at the same level than the level of focus on these beliefs, on our character.

    We usually suffer from the similar topics: fear of death, fear of not being loved, fear of lack and also the main childhood wounds and conditioning such as abandonment, rejection, humiliation, injustice, betrayal and guilt. It was with this distorted filter that we built our personality, our beliefs, our vision of life.

    Since childhood, everything we live generates lots of emotions. An emotion fully lived goes through the body and we move on. In contrast, the emotion not totally lived stays in the body (an emotional charge). As we live what we vibrate, this emotion charge that is in us generates the same situations again and again until we are accept o release them.

    But, as human being, we don’t like to suffer, we don’t want to feel uncomfortable feelings or physical pains. We do lots of things to deny them, to conceal them with compulsive behaviours, activities and addictions. This flight leads us to be trapped in the hamster wheel and maintain us in suffering during hours, days, months, years and sometimes to death.

    I teach you how to go within your body and let it do what it naturally and intelligently knows to do.

    Beliefs may manifest in multiple ways: fears, phobias, anxiety, depression, stress, burnout, anger, hate, sadness, discouragement, disgust, frustration, jealousy, guiltiness, shame, lack of confidence, complexes, procrastination, failures, lack of concentration, addictions, insomnia, depression, allergies, intolerances, etc.

    If these words ring a bell to you, learn the method and:

    • you definitely release, in few minutes only, « negative » emotions and simultaneously the related beliefs.
    • you understand the mechanism of suffering, emotions, the ego-mental, the mirror effect and you communicate with the body. You will use these tools to your benefit instead of suffering from them.
    • you decode your experiences, understand why you live « bad » experiences. Then you can create the life you want.
    • you encode new beliefs, as you wish. Everything is possible. It depends on you! According to the new belief, it is not necessary to release something beforehand. The body will confirm it to you.
    • you know how to act with resistance
    • you can also take the shortcut and go directly to this right Moment, Now, where all stories end.

    The numerous testimonials regularly received long after the sessions confirm the efficiency and the sustainability of the effects.

    Everything we live is there to help us to be aware of our deepest nature, to get out of the suffering. Any change begins from within. If we would like to see things around us to change, it is obvious that the starting point is the transformation of our inwardness. Then, important evolutions may happen on small and big scales.

    If you feel the impetus to practice this method, please contact me or subscribe to the workshops:

    I look forward to meeting you soon!

    Dive into the One-known !

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