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  • Workshop CALM™ for young people

    Come to do CALM™* to be deeply calm and discover who you are!

    The workshop is held in French. To do it in English, please contact me.

    Adolescence is a deeply moving period of life in many respects. On top of changes in your body and hormones that are tickling, maybe you also need to understand why you live such things:

    • you feel overwhelmed by your emotions
    • you have difficulty to learn, to memorize, to be focused
    • you feel a lot of anger, revolt, frustration, sadness and/or depression
    • you have lots of doubts, fears, blockages, complexes, self-limitations
    • you procrastinate, have a concentration problem
    • you have many questions about yourself, your future, about the sense of life
    • you are stuck/traumatized by something in the past
    • you would like to think less
    • you would like your parents to give you a break
    • you feel misunderstood
    • you hardly express your emotions
    • other situations where you are not feeling well…

    If these points or many others ring you a bell, come to learn to do CALM™ and in several small minutes, you release your emotions, the mental or physical tensions.

    You will understand why you live what you live, why it is suffering and how to get out of it.

    To do CALM™, you don’t even need to talk about yourself, the problem or anything else. Just do CALM™ and you will see that it works well too. Then you will be autonomous to release other topics in your daily life.

    The benefit of the group is that you will feel less lonely by meeting other teenagers with the same questioning and experiences.

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    I look forward to meeting you soon!

    *To know more about the CALM™ method:

    Workshop also in collaboration with Success Story, tutoring:

    Place : centre Aliotis, boulevard Helvétique 30, 1207 Genève, code at the 2nd floor: 4426
    Schedule : from 11h00 to 12h30
    Rate : CHF 50.- / mandatory subscription :

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    • Saturday, November 13th 2021

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