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  • CALM™ method for adults and teenagers – deconditioning and encoding



    Fear of death, fear of not being loved and fear of lack are the three main basis of human suffering and childhood wounds (abandonment, rejection, humiliation, injustice and betrayal). Through this biased filter, you built your personality and have been building your life.

    Since childhood, anything you have lived generated lots of emotions. An emotion, that is fully felt, just passes through the body. However, an emotion (generally defined as negative), not fully felt, stays in the body (= an emotional charge). As we live what we vibrate, as long as an emotion remains in you, you continue to experience the same situations again and again in order to be conscious of it and to release it. But as human beings don’t like suffering, we refuse to feel any sensation considered unpleasant or even painful in the body. We will do our best to deny it, to repress it by compulsive/addictive behaviours, that brings us to the hamster wheel. By understanding this mechanism, you can notice that living the emotion entirely during few seconds or a couple of minutes enables you to definitely get rid of it, while denying it keeps you stuck in the vicious circle during days, months or even years.

    Fears, anxiety, stress, burnout, anger, hatred, sadness, disgust, frustration, jealousy, culpability, shame, lack of self-confidence, any complexes, procrastination, lack of concentration, any compulsive behaviours, etc. The majority of those behaviours come from conditioning, from programming since childhood or even since conception of the baby. These limiting beliefs block yourself and keep you in suffering behaviours patterns.If these words ring a bell to you and you feel ready to jump out the hamster wheel, to deprogram and/or to encode a new belief, in one session you learn to use the method CALM™. You will be able to:

    • definitively release, in several minutes only, the “negative” emotions linked with fears, hurdles, beliefs, addictions, food intolerance and allergies, programming, insomnia, mental depression or ill-being.
    • you overcome conditioning by understanding how emotions, the ego, the mind, the mirror effect and the body works, in order to use them at your advantage instead of undergoing them.
    • decode your experiences and the gap between your desire and what really manifests in your reality in order to create the life you would like.
    • encode a new belief depending on what you want to experiment. Everything is possible. It is up to you! And depending on the new belief, there is no need to release anything beforehand. The body will give you the insight.
    • also take the shortcut: go directly to now, in this right Moment, where all stories stop.

    Also ideal for whom who don’t talk much, you don’t even need to tell the problem or your personal history. You learn to see and acknowledge what manifests within your body at a certain moment to definitely release it.

    The large number of testimonials received so far confirm the efficiency and long-lasting results of that method.

    Anything you experience leads you to be conscious of this true deep nature to get out of suffering. If it rings a bell and you are willing to adopt this ancestral method, please contact me for an individual session!

    If you are interested in doing CALM™ in group and to feel less lonely, here is the link to subscribe for the worksop: Atelier CALM™

    To do CALM by yourself with the audios, theme LIBEREZ (French version) :

    Dive into the One-known !

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