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  • Energy Healing Treatment

    Direct treatment:

    Energy treatment improves energy flow in one’s body and eliminates blockages and ailments in the body to enable the energy to flow properly.

    By applying my hands, I help you to deeply relax and to:

    • harmonize your centers of energy and stimulate your own self-healing energy
    • release your fears, decrease your mental activity, stress, etc…
    • alleviate or get rid of pains, burdens or physical / emotional blockages, etc… By becoming aware of the reason(s) why you have a given symptom, it may even disappear definitively
    • feel and handle your own energy to maintain your well-being after the treatment

    In absolute terms, anyone could place his/her hands to heal oneself or somebody else. Just do it. And if you get rid of the belief that you cannot do it, it will be even more efficient.

    At distance treatment:

    With quantum treatment, there is no matter of time and space. Depending on where you live, your availability or in case of emergency, a distance treatment may be necessary. You will also feel concrete sensations with a similar result as if it was done in the office. For many years now, doctors have been working with people who “cut the fire” or have “the secret”. They also proceed with the same principle, at distance.

    Dive into the One-known !

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