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  • Enlightenment⎮Self Realization

    It is where I know nothing about myself, 
    that I Am really Me
    ” *

    For Whom? For you if you…

    • newly started your spiritual journey or you’ve been on it for a long time now
    • have lots of questions about life, yourself, the others, etc
    • need a meaning in life and you feel lost
    • don’t fancy anything anymore, you have the impression not to know anything anymore
    • would like to share “your” enlightenment glimpses, “your” Self realization or “your” awakening to Consciousness

    We are all this Unity. We are all already awake but some beliefs give the impression that it is untrue. There is like a veil, and we feel separated from our true nature, Infinite and Absolute Consciousness.

    Spiritual enlightenment is so simple that the mind cannot get it. Everything is already there, Now, perfect as it is. There is nothing to do, nothing to have. “Just” Be Now to see it with kindness, honesty and humor.

    During an experience of enlightenment that lasted around 6 weeks, I experimented the detachment from my character. I was there and not there at the same time. I could see myself living, working, taking care of the children, I could see the mechanism of the ego-mind and also felt that an enormous quantity of beliefs was released through the body.  I just knew it. It was lived from within with only one thought : “There were so many?” (talking about the beliefs).

    After that experience, the method CALM™ came to me and I realized that I used to practice it unconsciously. Life brought it to me, for me to share it with others. The final aim is to stimulate the awakening of Consciousness.

    1-to-1 session

    • The starting point is this question: “What do you truly want?”. In general, people begin to answer by a doing or a having but finally, they realize that they look for a state of being. It is crucial to answer to this question when you are on this spiritual journey.
    • We discuss about enlightenment, what it means for you, what means being Now to you, about your questions.
    • I explain the mechanism of suffering, ego-mental, emotions, mirror effect and how to communicate with the body.
    • We see together what is relevant for you in order to see/release things in order to get out of the illusion of separation.

    Everything we live is there to help us to be aware of our true nature and recognize the Consciousness that we are. If you feel the drive towards this realization, this spiritual journey, please contact me!


    It is a moment of sharing about was is Spiritual awakening / Self Realization, why we are here, what is illusory, why suffering and how to get out of it, what we really want, etc.

    This topic may seem “high-pitched” but you will concretely see by discussing your life, that in your direct experience, this is already there, that is already what is experienced. It is just the accumulation of your limited beliefs that give you the illusion that something else is going on.

    Your experience and questioning may help others to feel less lonely, to understand and to look Life with better eyes.

    * Extract of “Être en Unité” from Pierre Leré Guillemet

    Dive into the One-known !

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