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  • Enlightenment⎮Self Realization

    It is where I know nothing about myself,

    that I Am really Me” *

    We are all this Unity. We are all already awake but some beliefs give the impression that it is untrue. There is like a veil, and we feel separated from our true nature, Infinite and Absolute Consciousness.

    Spiritual enlightenment is so simple that the mind cannot get it. Everything is already there, Now, perfect as it is. There is nothing to do, nothing to have. “Just” Be Now to see it with kindness, honesty and humor.

    1-to-1 session

    You will be able to:

    • what spiritual enlightenment means, what means to Be Now to detach yourself and to discern to get out of suffering
    • know how work the ego, the mind, the mirror effect, emotions and the body to prevent form undergoing them but use them to your advantage
    • release, through the body, the “negative” emotions coming from all illusions, beliefs (ego)
    • play with the attraction law to manifest the life you want until you fully trust yourSelf and Life

    Anything we experience lead us to be conscious of this true deep nature to get out of suffering. If you feel the impulse towards this realization, the spiritual journey, please contact me!


    It is a moment of sharing about was is Spiritual awakening / Self Realization, why we are here, what is illusory, why suffering and how to get out of it, what we really want, etc.

    This topic may seem “high-pitched” but you will concretely see by discussing your life, that in your direct experience, this is already there, that is already what is experienced. It is just the accumulation of your limited beliefs that give you the illusion that something else is going on.

    Your experience and questioning may help others to feel less lonely, to understand and to look Life with better eyes.

    Please subscribe for coming on June 13th, from 7pm to 8.30pm, at Ecole Persiaux, boulevard Saint-Georges 71, 1205 Geneva, 1st floor, code 7112 : Billetterie Weezevent


    * Extract of “Être en Unité” from Pierre Leré Guillemet

    Dive into the One-known !

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