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  • Hypnosis

    Hypnosis, my distinguishing characteristic

    Without realizing it we all experience hypnotic states every day whenever our attention is focused on a person or a thing and our notion of time, space or place are lost. This happens for example while reading a book, watching the TV, playing electronic games, driving a car and so on.

    This hypnotic state enables our mind to let go, to access internal resources and let creative solutions emerge. Creativity and imagination increase, and so much more…

    If you have something to resolve, to increase or reduce, to relieve, overcome or erase, integrate or reinforce… Contact me!

    When required, hypnosis may be used during the coaching sessions


    Hypnosis main benefits:

    • Deep relaxation
    • Dialogue with the unconscious providing relevant information
    • Awareness of body feelings
    • Reunification of head and body
    • Better management of your mental activity and emotions
    • Optional verbalization
    • Autonomy to relax by yourself


    I hypnotise you to:

    • deeply relax, stand back, increase your well-being
    • increase self-confidence
    • reduce or get rid of stress, anxiety, anguish, panic
    • improve memory, attention and learning capability
    • develop intuition/creativity
    • increase a performance/competency
    • reach an objective or solve a problem
    • distort time (shorter or longer)
    • get over a bereavement or a trauma
    • reduce pains or symptoms
    • overcome phobia
    • stop an OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder)
    • act on bulimia or addictions


    For addiction problems (cigarettes, food, electronic games, shopping, relationships, work, activities, etc.), the 2 hours session combines hypnosis and an energy treatment. For further information, please contact me!


    Quantum Hypnosis

    If needed or depending on what comes out in sessions, you may explore something in your past in the current life, in other parallel realities or in other dimensions. The subconscious is always benevolent. The outcome is there to inform, help to understand, solve and/or release. For further information, please contact me!



    Autohypnosis – the ongoing work…

    The hypnosis sessions to listen were conceived to enable you to start your personal development by yourself, to do it in parallel and/or in reinforcement of the sessions in my office.

    Different themes of sessions are at disposal. Please choose the relevant one(s) for you and listen to it or them as many times as necessary to be able to go in this deep relaxation state by yourself.

    If it is your first listening to one of my hypnosis audio, please listen to the introduction audio on top of the on-line shop page.

    Access to the shop or get in touch for any information…

    Fear but move forward!

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