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  • Emotions release

    Fear of death, fear of not being loved and fear of  lack are the three main basis of suffering. Through this biased filter, you built your personality and have been building your life.

    If you feel ready to get out of the vicious circle, in one session, you will be able to:

    • in several minutes only to definitively release, through the body, the “negative” emotions linked with fears, beliefs, addictions, hurdles, food intolerance and allergies, programming, insomnia, mental depression or ill-being
    • understand how emotions, the ego, the mind, the mirror effect and the body work, in order to use them at your advantage instead of undergoing them.
    • decode your experiences and the gap between your desire and what really manifests in your reality in order to create the life you would like

    Also ideal for whom who don’t talk much, you don’t even need to tell the problem or your personal history. You learn to see and acknowledge what manifests within your body at the moment of the session to definitely release it.

    The large amount of testimonials, received so far, confirm the efficiency and long-lasting results of that method.

    Anything you experience lead you to be conscious of this true deep nature to get out of suffering. If it rings a bell and you are willing to adopt this ancestral method, please contact me!


    Dive into the One-known !

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