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  • Orientation / Assessment – individual session

    Before knowing what to do, know first who you are!

    For adults and teenagers

    Come to release your hurdles and self limitations. Only after that you will see the horizon totally open and you access to the field of all possibilities.

    In 3 sessions, you:

    1. have an overview of who you are, what works well, what makes sense, what motivates you and where are the hurdles to release them.

    2. know how to definitely release emotions through the body, understand notions about topics and tools and how they work.

    3. get an assessment with suggestions about areas and jobs that fit you and what to do to maintain the well-being gained.

    For you who:

    • are looking for a job or in transition
    • are searching for a meaning, a motivation in your life, to know yourself better
    • would like to be oriented, reoriented or transfer your competences to another area
    • are searching for self-fulfillment

    Your benefits:

    • You are self sovereign
    • You end up with a concrete professional project or ideas to explore
    • You know how to use the mind and body together
    • You maintain your well-being with simple and efficient tools

    Please contact us and let’s see together which program would meet your needs

    Dive into the One-known !

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