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  • Orientation / Assessment – individual session

    To “Be” enables you to know what to do, then you can create the life you want !

    To fully enjoy who you are, you need to release your fears, your limitations. Once done, your horizon will be completely clear and you access to the field of all possibilities to do what you really want.

    For Whom? For teenagers and adults if you…

    • are looking for a job or in transition
    • are searching for a meaning, a motivation in your life, to know yourself better
    • would like to be oriented, reoriented or transfer your competences to another area
    • are searching for self-fulfillment
    • désirez vous lancer dans un projet mais la peur vous retient
    • would like to start a new project but fear paralyses you

    Your benefits

    • You are self sovereign, feel your power of action, the horizon is fully open
    • You end up with a concrete professional project or ideas to explore
    • You know how to use the mind and body together
    • You maintain your well-being with simple and efficient tools

    The program takes place in 3 sessions

    1. You learn my approach CALM™ to decondition and encode new beliefs. To know more about the method:
    2. You have an overview of who you are, what works well, what makes sense, what is motivating and where are the hurdles.
    3. You receive an assessment with suggestions on the fields and jobs that fit you, how to continue your way and to take the first step.

    4. Optional session: with hypnosis, you plan for the future how a project or an idea will be like or simply let yourself inspired by your subconscious.

    Rate: package of 3 sessions CHF 500.-; Optional session: CHF 150.-
    Duration of a session: 1 hour. A word document of around 15 pages (questions and tables with check boxes) has to be completed for the first or second session.

    Please contact us and let’s see together which program would meet your needs

    Dive into the One-known !

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