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  • Orientation / Assessment

    Before knowing what you would like to do, know who you are!

    For you who:

    • are looking for a job or in transition
    • are searching for a meaning or a motivation in your life
    • would like to be reoriented or transfer your competences to another area
    • are searching for self-fulfilment
    • would like to know yourself better


    Your benefits:

    • You control your life
    • You have a motivating project to achieve
    • Strong knowledge of yourself and your challenges
    • Self esteem and self-confidence reinforced or regained
    • Relationships with entourage improved or reinforced
    • Positive approach of life
    • Connection with your internal resources
    • Preservation of the well-being with simple and efficient tools
    • Introduction to hypnosis

    Please contact us and let’s see together which program would meet your needs

    Fear but move forward!

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