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  • CALM – Love relation

    For Whom? For you if…

    • You are single and you are tired of failed love affair, you are afraid of making another mistake or you don’t understand why you only meet people who are against commitment.
    • You are in a relationship but it doesn’t work very well, you feel lost, you hesitate to stay or to leave or you would like to end the relationship but you cannot take the leap.

    Your benefits

    • You know yourself better and you clarify your search by well targeted questions
    • You decode easily your experiences, your day-to-day life
    • You are playfully proactive in this search process

    We live what we believe, we have what we believe.

    So, what are your beliefs about relationship? What are your desires, your needs, your requirements? What are your fears?

    Come to do CALM™ and treat yourself to the relationship you ask for!

    Whether you are single or in a relationship, you will understand why you live what you live, you will clearly identify your conscious and unconscious desires and needs and above all, you will get rid of your fears, your self-limitations. You will also learn how to playfully be proactive in this search of the ideal partner.

    By practising the method, the decisive encounter will happen and/or you will build a harmonious, fulfilling and satisfying relationship.

    If you would like to feel free to write a new chapter in your life, experiment what you wish the most, with no limitation, please contact me now!

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    Dive into the One-known !

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