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    Cécile Perrenoud

    Once my economist education achieved, I held a position of dynamic young executive in a multinational company. Very quickly, I realized that the “glamorous” image I had, conveyed by movies, did not look like my daily life but more importantly I did not work with heart.

    Self-taught person, curious and tester, I then moved forward to find how I could fill my heart with joy and pleasure by making the best use of my talents. Following my inner guidance, it naturally led me to people coaching, an activity that I have been doing since 2004 now, with a constantly renewed enthusiasm.

    In a perpetual desire of evolution, I have been learning, observing, experimenting and spiritedly sharing my awareness, knowledge, tools and resources.

    On that path of learning about myself, healing with energy come over me. By refusing it, I would have continued to have very violent physical pains that were getting higher and higher. By accepting what comes, I discovered the joy to be able to help on another dimension and added a feather in my cap. Always combining with my clients’ conscious intentions, I am perpetually amazed by the results.

    I love to say that my first big success has been my personal development, the progress made so far. With ups and a lot of downs in my childhood, an introspection during adolescence brought me to adulthood with more and more increasing consciousness. Progressively, I began to appreciate every step, welcomed and integrated challenges that enabled me to be and to value who I am today, this person who I accept, deeply and unconditionally love, each passing day.

    Afterwards, I lived what is called spiritual awakening, the veil tearing. There was a huge loss of points of reference, a blowing up of my illusions, my stories. At that moment, I realized the incredible number of concepts, beliefs, stories, programmings that our character has constantly been feeding. This enlightenment is not totally permanent. I can observe a back and forth between Now and the identification with my individual. The big difference today is that I see immediately the mechanism that allows me to go back to Now. And that makes all the difference to naturally remain within this peaceful “space” that we all are.

    I invite you to submerge yourself in this relationship with your inner self, to get out of the suffering, get out of the movie, to de-identify from the little Self (ego), understand that everything is already there, already perfect as it is. There is nothing to do or to have to Be what we already are, this Unity, this All.

    Some more info…

    • Founder of Centre d’Oz in 2012
    • Economist HEG in business management in 1997
    • Certified and experienced coach since 2004
    • Master Practitioner in Ericksonian hypnosis since 2012
    • Master Practitioner in NLP since 2004
    • Practitioner in Neuro-semantics since 2012
    • 15 years in multinationals and SME companies
    • Responsibilities in Human Resources and Marketing fields
    • Experience in companies and in recruitment agency
    • Solid knowledge of the local economic framework
    • Voluntary participation in the integration of foreigners in Switzerland with the Red-Cross and the MEM program

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