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    Cécile Perrenoud

    Economist in management, I quickly realized with my first job as dynamic young executive in a multinational company, that the “glamorous” image I had, conveyed the society and Hollywood, was very far away from my daily life but more importantly I did not work with heart.

    Self-taught person, curious and tester, I then moved forward to find how I could fill my heart with joy and pleasure by making the best use of my talents. Following my inner guidance, it naturally led me to people coaching, an activity that I have been doing since 2004 now, with a constantly renewed enthusiasm.

    In a perpetual desire of evolution, I have been learning, observing, experimenting and spiritedly sharing my awareness, knowledge, tools and resources.

    A strong motivation constantly drove me : to bring autonomy to people. I am convinced that we all have all the necessary resources within ourselves to take care of ourselves, without depending on anything or anyone. In addition, I was looking for the simplest possible way for the end user.

    This quest guided me to develop the CALM+E™ approach, that combines hypnosis and meditation, to get out of our conditioning, to understand what brings us to suffering in order to release it and to encode new beliefs that we desire to experience consciously. The CALM+E™ approach meets these two conditions – autonomy and simplicity – as we practice alone with only our body as a tool.

    I invite you to submerge yourself in this relationship with your inner self, to get out of the suffering, to get out of the movie, to de-identify from the little Self (the ego) in order to play with it, to understand that everything is already there, to welcome what it is. There is nothing to do or to have to Be what we already are, this Unity, this All.

    Some more info…

    • Founder of Centre d’Oz in 2012
    • Certified and experienced coach since 2004
    • Master Practitioner in Ericksonian hypnosis since 2012 – recognized by ASCA
    • Master Practitioner in NLP since 2004
    • Practitioner in Neuro-semantics since 2012
    • Economist HEG in business management in 1997
    • 15 years in multinationals and SME companies
    • Responsibilities in Human Resources and Marketing fields
    • Experience in companies and in recruitment agency
    • Solid knowledge of the local economic framework
    • Voluntary participation in the integration of foreigners in Switzerland with the Red-Cross and the MEM program

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