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    L. 46 years old, dog trainer
    I liked the CALM™ workshop a lot, not only because it is aligned with who I am but, mainly for your gentle and simple guidance of Cécile.
    The workshop is appropriate for all, whatever their openness or spiritual beliefs are, and the CALM™ method is an easy and direct tool.

    G. 47 years old, multidisciplinary
    After a chance meeting, I discovered your CALM™ approach that I appreciate a lot. I was tempted to listen to more audios. You cover big themes of self knowledge and personal development in a right, sincere and efficient way. Thank you very much for that.

    V. 49 years old, educator
    I thank Cécile for her suggestion to attend the CALM™ workshop. I learnt a very interesting method to release my emotions and my conditioning by myself. I recommend to anyone to be curious enough to learn to use this method as a beneficial tool in everyday life.
    A, 32 years old, Russian teacher
    In general, I practice CALM™ several times a week. I started by few individual sessions with Cécile Perrenoud, then I used the audios and now I am able to meditate by myself. It works well for any daily problems. I think this method helps to release negative emotions and fears that disturb the flow of energy in the body. I had the impression that doing CALM™ with Cécile was more powerful than when doing it alone. Cécile explained to me that it was based on a belief. Now I do CALM™ easily by myself and I can see the benefits. My sleep is good, deep and quiet. My fear of sleeping in a dark room disappeared. I feel my inner peace and am in a good mood the whole day.
    M. 47 years old, project manager
    For several months, I’ve been practicing CALM™ with the audios of Cécile. I became aware of repetitive patterns and I released them immediately.
    Last month, I felt the need to do an individual session and it was very powerful.
    I experienced a deep healing experience through my body.
    Today I feel a lot of gratitude to be able to go on practising by myself, on a daily basis, in any circumstances.
    I listen to my feeling, my intuition and breathe more and more consciously to enable my body to find the balance after strong emotions when I am temporarily unsteady…!
    The most incredible is the transformation of my relationship with my 4 children, that is more fluid, full of love for who they are (and not what I would have liked them to be…)!.
    I feel lighter and full of joy in these little moments of everyday life. My life is really more intense, I feel alive and actress of my life…

    S. 44 years old, hairdresser
    I went to the CALM™ workshop for the first time with my daughter of 18 years old. I learnt a lot in that workshop and enjoyed the verbal exchanges with the others. I felt very good, unlike my daughter. At the end of the workshop, her back hurt, she was mad and aggressive. Once back at home, I quietly sat on the sofa when my daughter locked herself in her bedroom. After 5 minutes, she went out and burst into tears in my arms. She said she suffered a lot because of her relationship with her father. I spent half an hour to comfort her and took an appointment with Cécile for an individual session. Since then, she’s been fine, even her psychologist noticed the difference.
    During the CALM™ workshop, I had a lot of pleasure to work with Cécile on my emotions within my body! I had no idea what it meant but thanks to Cécile, I learn to reappropriate my body to feel energies inside of me as everything is energy. Thanks Cécile ;-)​

    ​Jean-Luc J.​, multi-entrepreneur, consultant and trainer
    The CALM™ meditation method proposed by Cécile was a real revelation for me. I thought I wasn’t able to feel so easily and distinctly energy that flows in my body!​ An unexpected experience and source of well-being that I strongly recommend!​

    Olga P.
    The experience during the CALM™ workshop with Cécile had been a very nice moment. An approach of “here and now” that reminds us of the importance of this consciousness. Cécile is a very sensitive and nice personality who took the time to explain and guide with a big capacity of listening and transmission.

    Anonymous testimony in a CALM™ workshop
    Cécile is a very nice person, with good philosophy and lovely energy, she shared her knowledge, a very interesting moment.​

    M. and N., 47 & 50 years old, retailers
    These audios enabled us to be conscious to be now to fully enjoy life and get rid of suffering accumulated for ages. Everything becomes crystal clear and nice. This requires daily perseverance but it is worth it. We really feel better now. Thanks Cécile!

    P. 32, assistant-receptionist
    I met Cécile after mental fatigue and overwork with the birth of my baby. I left my work in Geneva and my partner talked about going to live in Aveyron in France. It was extremely difficult for me to plan anything professionally. I was really emotionally overwhelmed. My fiancé watched some videos where Cecile stepped in from time to time. He told me it may be good to meet her (because by chance, she is in Geneva). I let her guided me and what a blessed encounter!! 2019 is a revival and Cécile helped me a lot to see life differently. I went there without knowing what to expect and I do not regret those sessions. Cécile gives us keys for a better future. She has the knowledge and knows to coach with no judgment about situations or people. In April, we left Haute Savoie with no fear and I continue to learn every day because life is continuous learning. Despite the geographic distance, I know that if I would need her advice, she always be available. I highly recommend her. Thousand of thank you for everything.

    J.-P., 68 years old, retired sales representative
    I procrastinated with several things, in particular with an online important training. I released my hurdles with Cécile by skype. The following morning, I naturally watched the videos of the training, with no questioning! During the day, I did some cleaning, cut the grass. I had no constraint, nothing was insuperable. This method of emotions release is very efficient, easy with immediate and long-lasting results.

    M. 44 years old, auditor
    The hypnosis audios helped me a lot to relax and to clear negative emotions, very useful when I was overwhelmed. The audios sessions are very well done: timing, calm voice helping to relax. I recommend the sessions!

    C. 30 years old, psychologist
    The audios of Cécile helped me a lot and helped me to calm my mental and to calm down in stressful moments or inner research. Different sessions and recordings very full and complementary to use every night  before sleeping or moments during the day to focus and relax the mind.

    Her voice and the relaxation process of each session start enable me to go into a trance easily. Every time more and more. Short sessions, efficient and reachable to every one. It helped me and guided me in my inner search and control of my negative thoughts.

    I like listing to the audios again depending on the topic. It is a well-targeted and full program/process. A good and simple habit in the sometimes-stressful life. Thanks for these very well done and helpful tools.

    A. 49 years old, director
    A unique experience that enables to calm the mind and sleep deeply and quietly. A “sleeping pill” to use without moderation. A fan of hypnosis!

    A. 53 years old, communication manager
    The hypnosis sessions help me a lot to go through tough situations such as public presentations or anxiety stopping me from sleeping. I have tools within reach when I need. It is a very good complement to coaching sessions with Mrs Perrenoud. My daughters and husband also listen to them.

    A. 48 years old, Fund raising specialist
    Coaching with Cecile brought me a lot, what I really appreciate it’s her very structuring influence on the development of my project. She immediately sees what is relevant and comes to guide me in finding the right solutions. In addition she is extremely effective in a wide sense (understanding, communication) and the mandate follow-up (feedback within 24 hours), which gives a good dynamic to her accompaniment.

    A. 53 years old, Communication Manager
    The hypnosis sessions help me a lot to go through tough situations such as public presentations or anxiety stopping me from sleeping. I have tools within reach when I need. It is a very good complement to coaching sessions with Mrs Perrenoud. My daughters and husband also listen to them.

    M. 44 years old, Auditor
    The hypnosis audios helped me a lot to relax and to clear negative emotions, very useful when I was overwhelmed.
    The audios sessions are very well done: timing, calm voice helping to relax. I recommend the sessions!

    L. 39 years old, Biologist
    I came to see Cécile for a precise need: to move on and start a new job with serenity and self-confidence. Cécile enabled me to put things down. In one hour (the contact session), she figured out my personality by simple and unintrusive questions. She identified the tools that would enable me to move forward quickly. She insisted that everyone can build one’s dream life. She leaves a lot of place for intuition to co-create the ideal guidance. Very concerned, she prepares the session ahead but does not hesitate to modify them according to the recent events. She first suggested an energy care whose result was spectacular: I felt lightened and got rid of a burden. Then she initiated me into her 3 fundamental pillars for an optimum rooting.
    I expected a long and arduous coaching but on the contrary, Cécile focused on the blockages and gave the right tools I needed. Her tools were very “logical”, her approach and guidance helped me to practice right away for an immediate result too. I guess that her power of persuasion and her kindness played a big role in the practice of the suggested tools. I thank her from the bottom of my heart for this giant step in my life and warmly recommend her.

    V. 38 years old, Entrepreneur
    When Cécile asked me if I was ready to change, my answer was obviously yes while I hastened to inwardly list all the points on which I would be inflexible. It didn’t take me long to change my attitude and to challenge those points. Caring and with an unfailing patience, she let us the time to realize our abilities to evolve smoothly. Cécile is a great professional with whom I wish to work again. Thank you!

    P. 35 years old, media post-production manager
    Cécile shows us the way of yellow bricks that it may be sensible to go.
    This Self and competences assessment enables me today, and surely for the long term, to know more about myself, to let go my doubts and to see the future with serenity.
    Today, I am able to manage the transition between 2 professionals areas with no pressure and an increasing self-confidence.

    I. 42 years old, financial planner
    Thank you… these two words are too simple. What I would like to say is beyond that. I am touched and thankful for her help and could never thank her enough for it.

    She is great and a large number of people should call her because on top of being an exceptional woman, she is a great professional. Thanks again!

    S. 40 years old, nanny

    The hypnosis session was a good moment of relaxation. It helped me for my self-control (anxiety, stress, etc.), roots enabled me to focus when I needed the most. I could live one of the most important moments of my life with serenity. Again a big THANK YOU Cécile!

    M. 28 years old, interior designer

    Cécile succeeded where other therapies failed. At the end, we worked on many different aspects and not only on the initial problem. I regularly use the tools she gave to me many years ago now. I am infinitely thankful for her help. I have recommended her and still strongly do.

    S. 17 years old, high school student

    Coaching was a very nice experience and a huge help for the rest of my life. I recall good things and advice. After the sessions, discussions and the outcome of the assessment, I am stronger because you helped me to bring out some things to see clearer. You enabled me to find myself where I felt confused and a bit lost.

    I liked this time of introspection to find myself. I feel that the perception of myself, of the world, of my life has changed and it is a good feeling. Infinity of doors are open for me.

    This awareness and advice are tools that I will use my whole life to blossom, develop my personality and listen to myself.

    Orientation guidance was based on a personal work, that is positive to know and find oneself and find one’s way. But after having the final outcome, I would have liked spending more time to think about the suggested jobs, talk about the choice to make and be coached in the choice of schools.

    Probably an additional session would have been necessary. Coaching helped me to figure out my personality and this will help me my whole life.

    I know that it hasn’t been always easy but I can assure you that you helped me a lot with the many issues addressed to you. Once again many thanks and a good continuation.

    T. 38 years old, CGI Artist
    A big thanks to Cécile for her patience and tolerance, her help and wise advice helped me to reconnect with myself, bringing thus an increasing serenity.

    A. 16 years old, High school student
    I had several sessions with Mrs Perrenoud and they really changed my perspective on my own life. I re-learnt to trust myself, not to focus on the problem but on positives and helpful thinking.

    Before the coaching, I had few hope of improvement and had several weekly anxiety attacks. Now they are all gone!

    I hope that this little testimony reflects well my experience that other people may find it inspiring and give them the strength to do something for their bell being too!

    C. 37 years old, state employee
    The sessions with Cécile helped me to manage the part of my work I was worried about (announcements) in a more calm and positive way.

    I really appreciated her welcome and simple but efficient tools. Her hypnosis sessions to download and listen to still help me today. The breathing exercises are essential to me now. When I start to panic, I breathe.

    I could, thanks to Cécile, put some order in my relationships and break with the toxic ones. Thank you!

    R. 15 years old, High school student
    This year, this is the year where I have to choose between doing a BAC S, ES or L next year. My parents insisted a lot about this important choice. That is not a bad idea but I have already met several orientation guides and I wasn’t motivated to meet another one. Following my sister’s advice, I contacted Cécile at the Centre d’Oz and accepted to do the short orientation program.

    I expected, as it is in my high school, that Cécile would suggest several jobs or areas and that I would have to select those interesting for me. On the contrary, we spent most of the time working on me, discovering and analyzing my talents, potential, strengths, weaknesses, desires, motivations, mental blocks and other essential things that would determine my professional future that seemed really abstract at that moment.

    I benefit from her experiences, know-how, tricks and simple principles. I drew my inspiration from all she could give to me during the short period of the sessions we had together. Hence, I did more that identify what I wanted to do later (that starts to be more and more concrete). I learned to know myself and only after that useful time of preparation of that program, I could decide in which direction to go to. Because from the moment I know myself well, I have no fear of my choices. The possibility of doing wrong is erased because I know what I am capable of, and above all, what I really want.

    The program is concrete and structured. Unlike the psychotherapy sessions where one may easily get lost in abstract thinking, at the Centre d’Oz, I followed a marked approach, step by step, that enabled me to see and integrate the progress. I know where I was going and how.

    These sessions gave me more than a point of view on my orientation; I had my own view of my orientation, what is even more interesting.

    Under Cécile’s guidance, all I have learned through dialogue and exercises still help me today on a daily basis.

    I think that Cécile has the power to give the right tools to anyone who looks for one’s happiness and agrees to go through the knowing oneself process.

    I would like to really thank and express my deep gratitude to Cécile who helped me a lot in my life path and also those who go to the Centre d’Oz with her confident, kind and serene way. Thank you!

    E. 46 years old, state employee
    I contacted Cécile because I had several addictions: relationships, alcohol and tobacco.

    We worked together during 5 sessions within 3 months, and my life completely changed. I am finally free!

    Breathing exercises, deep hypnosis sessions and all the other tools that Cécile gave to me helped me to safely face old demons deeply embedded in my subconscious and in my guts.

    At the beginning I focused on my addictions but for Cécile the work to do was elsewhere. I understood that those addictions weren’t the real problem and let Cécile guide me at the heart of my ill-being. It was a very intense journey, sometimes painful but at the end extremely beneficial!

    Every time I needed it, with efficient tools, Cécile supported me through emails in my moments of panic or doubt. I moved forward very quickly towards a deeply-held well-being.

    I took up again with my self-confidence, values, desires and joy of life.

    What I appreciated the most is the autonomy of her approach; I walk on my own path but coached by a loving, neutral, confident and available person.

    With my warmest thanks.

    F., 27 years old, Osteopath
    I planed to set up my own business but going from the status of employee to self-employed worker seemed unbridgeable to me. I did not know where to start with, I got into a panic when I thought of all the quantity of things to do.

    Cécile helped me a lot to prioritize the duties and gave me lots of tips and tricks to cool down when my head was in an uproar. She was especially helpful for the search of the premises, accountant, insurance companies, etc. She also helped me with the financial plan and she was just perfect to remind me of all the tiny details that we easily forget when setting up a company. Her support in the most difficult moments was incredibly heart warming; her sympathetic ear and her very good advice helped me to take the best decisions to reach my today success.

    A great thank you to Cécile for her kindness, reliability and her very big experience to meet my expectations and above all for the excellent results that I have achieved

    C., 17 years old, high school student

    When I met Cécile, I had many things to settle with myself. I was a control freak, perfectionist, stressed, tough with myself and had difficulties to forgive myself. In addition I had no clue about my professional future that made me very anxious. After only 4 sessions and some daily exercises to do, I quickly felt myself changing. Thanks to Cécile, I learnt to see the good side of life, to be more optimistic and now I understand that it is easier to live my life as a game. I feel so good now! And on top of that I have few ideas of future jobs in mind.

    Therefore thank you Cécile for all you brought to me!

    L. 41 years old, Office & Supply Chain Manager
    At the end of 20 years of experience not really fulfilling within the same area, I felt the need to review the situation and to go to a direction where I will take my interests and way of functioning into consideration. Through that competences assessment, Cécile helped me to know myself better, to give me tools to stand back and ask myself the good questions, to finally lead to concrete career alternatives. I am extremely grateful to her for this.

    C., 17 years old, student
    After 3 hypnosis sessions with Cécile, my memory and concentration had clearly improved and I had the ideal level of stress.

    Thanks to that I could pass my high school exams very serene. Once the tests started, stress disappeared and I accessed to all my intellectual powers.

    Moreover I obtained higher results than expected, with a total average of 15.15/20.

    Many many thanks to Cécile for helping me.

    A., 19 years old, student
    When I started the guidance program with Cécile, I had very few self-confidence and had no idea about what I was going to do in the future. I was always withdrawn into myself and didn’t enjoy life at all. I was convinced that I would never change and I had to live with it.

    Step by step, Cécile helped me to be conscious of my assets, competencies. Hypnosis sessions, exercises of visualisation and deep breathing helped me a lot to let go.

    In only few months, I have changed more than ever. I feel good, am confident and more assertive. Everyone around me has noticed it. I can’t get over it.

    Now I also know better what I will do. Cécile also showed me how to change my negative perception, to stop my thinking and not to take care of other people’s opinion; that helped me a lot.

    I thank Cécile very much. Thanks to her, today, I feel happy and blooming.

    D. 39 years old, DHR
    The first time I met Cécile who explained her program of competences assessment, I must confess that some techniques, including hypnosis, puzzled me.

    Today I am delighted to have experienced that and with a step back, I realized that hypnosis helped me the most: awareness about my position, my needs, let it go, self-confidence and especially not to rush but to step back first.

    I like the combination of different techniques a lot. Some very down to earth such as thinking about competences and others more focused on feelings, emotions and how positive thoughts become rooted in the spirit. And it works!

    A big thank you to Cécile for this extraordinary journey!

    A., 30 years old, Interpreter-Translator
    I came to see Cécile at a moment of my life when I had professional issues. Since the beginning of my career, I’ve never felt good enough and could not stand anymore feeling that way. Being coached by Cecile, I came aware of all the boundaries I had set up over the years: feeling of mediocrity, fears, constant suppositions of others’ thinking about me… And I realized that, for a long time, I deprived myself from good people and things in my life: I refused my childhood, my parents, my qualities, myself. I started to go forward instead of remaining focused on the past. Almost empirically, I understood that it was better for me to see the glass half full than half empty and it depended on me to fill it more if I wanted. Cécile opened my eyes on the resources I already had in me to face my hang-ups and my feeling of powerlessness. She gave the right tools to prevent me from falling again into the cycle of negative thinking. Today I know how to be happy in my everyday life.

    H., 51 years old, Key Account Assistant 
    When I started my coaching with Cécile, I was carrying a load of anguish and fear. Fear of being rejected, judged, I did not dare contradict my close family for fear of losing them. I took the first job that presented itself for fear of finding myself without enough money to support my family.

    Then I experienced excruciating pain due to a sudden separation from my son without knowing why, plagued by remorse, regret and guilt. I sank into anxiety attacks. My body was weak and strained in addition to my allergies (gluten, cat hair, muscle aches). In short, I let the sadness and fears invade my whole being.

    In my life, I had learned to fight for things, work hard to succeed, be strong face of adversity, dive into action to forget my frustrations, keep one’s head up, asking nothing of anyone, a real life struggle while I was still at war with my thoughts, my limits to the point of falling ill..

    Cécile helped me take a fresh look at my life and brought me to cast away my old thoughts and beliefs listen and respect myself, to let go.

    Since then, inner peace has settled in me. Her support has made my vision clearer on life events. I’m no longer at war but an observer who uses every opportunity to free oneself from the psychological prison where I had locked myself over time.

    Thanks to the hypnosis sessions, my gluten allergy has almost disappeared. I have cut the cords that prevented me saying no to my friends. I have realized my true personal value and professional level. I recently turned down a job that did not suit me and this is a first. I have confidence in life, so I’ve become more patient and calm. Cécile did not just heal my emotional wounds. She also taught me how to tap into the power of her healing approach that includes: visualization, positive thinking, creative words, motivation, focus, relaxation, hypnosis and detachment.

    Cécile thank you for your generosity in sharing your knowledge and teaching. Even when I could not articulate a state of being or feeling, with your specific questions, your insight and your analysis were without judgment, you always found the key that allowed me to think to achieve, articulate my thoughts and find my solutions.

    Again thank you for giving me the required tools I needed to change. The love that you release and trust that you inhale helped me out of my many fears with a goal of continuing the journey toward a more harmonious life.

    A. 48 years old, Fundraising Specialist
    Coaching with Cecile brought me a lot, what I really appreciate it’s her very structuring influence on the development of my project. She immediately sees what is relevant and comes to guide me in finding the right solutions. In addition she is extremely effective in a wide sense (understanding, communication) and the mandate follow-up (feedback within 24 hours), which gives a good dynamic to her accompaniment.

    F. 39 years old, Acupuncture Therapist
    The sessions I had at the Centre d’Oz helped me discover the limiting beliefs that plagued into my life, and Cecile found the words and put in place means allowing me to decode that. Today, due to this work, my life is fluid and even more a source of happiness. I thank Cécile for this approach in which I felt accompanied, while remaining in control of the process of moving towards Wellness. Long life to the Centre d’Oz, so that the Magic continues!

    H. 40 years old, Air-conditioning & ventilation Technician

    With the support of Cécile, she helped me break the fears that lived in me and move forward. Her work brought me back on my past to discuss and shape my present. Today, I am on the right track. And the courage she gives to me, comforts me and allows me to say that I succeeded…

    Dive into the One-known !

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