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    Ways to come to our true nature are numerous. If you like simplicity, quickness, concrete, efficiency, autonomy and lightness, you are at the right place.

    Regardless of which type of services you choose, I teach you how to communicate with your body, to take responsibility of your well-being and to make it last.

    Stop running after doing, for having in order to Be, life becomes simple and light. Just enjoy the chance to Be and the doing and having come to you. And surprisingly, spontaneous or inspired drives will make you live precisely what is “perfect” for you.

    Sessions are held in presence or by video

    Any session not cancelled 24H in advance will be invoiced

    CALM™ method – Deconditioning and Encoding
    Workshop CALM™ discovery: deconditioning and encoding
    Workshop in silence, being Now to enjoy the inner peace
    CALM – Love relation
    Workshop CALM™ for young people
    Orientation / Assessment – individual session
    Energy Healing Treatment
    Enlightenment⎮Self Realization

    Dive into the One-known !

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