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    In one session, you can appreciate the first changes already!

    Be fully empowered again to create the life you want!

    Life is very simple. The mind is complex. With CALME™, in one session, you learn how to definitely release the painful topics, hurdles, suffering. You will be able to use the method with other daily situations. Then, you can encode new beliefs to live new experiences.

    It is not the experience that is a source of suffering but the way you look at it, or we judge it. Life plays with what you believe the most strongly. Identify your stories, beliefs to face, welcome and release them. Ensuite, vous pouvez encoder de nouvelles croyances pour vous offrir des expériences inédites.

    By stopping running after doing, for having in order to be, life becomes simple and light.

    Sessions are held in the office or by video conference

    CALM+E™ method for adults and teenagers – deconditioning and encoding
    Workshop CALM+E™ – deconditioning and encoding
    Workshop CALME™ – Follow-up / Booster shot
    CALM+E™ Live evening – Monthly subscription
    Workshop CALM+E™ for teenagers – deconditioning and encoding
    Orientation / Assessment – individual session
    Energy Healing Treatment
    Enlightenment⎮Self Realization

    Dive into the One-known !

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