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  • Hypnose Store
    Hypnose Store
    You would like to change, to know who you really are, get out of the smog… but you do not know how? At the Centre d’Oz you will learn how to change, how to do with simple and efficient tools…
    You have decided to liberate your company or to bring major changes but you do not know where to begin with? You wish ardently for it but your fears and blockages still stop you? You have begun the transition but still have been feeling befuddled?
    Hypnosis, my distinguishing Characteristic
    Without realizing it we all experience hypnotic states every day whenever our attention is focused on a person or a thing and our notion of time, space or place are lost...
    This hypnotic state enables our mind to let go, to access internal resources and let creative solutions emerge. Creativity and imagination increase, and so much more…
    If you have something to resolve, to increase or reduce, to relieve, overcome or erase, integrate or reinforce…

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    Hypnosis may be used anytime during the sessions.
    Autohypnosis – a continuous Process…
    The audio-hypnosis sessions were made to help you start your personal development on your own, do it in parallel and/or to reinforce the sessions held in my praxis.
    (Available Only in french for the moment)
    Access to the downloads store
    Videos – intro to hypnosis & Self development
    -What is hypnosis?
    - How to choose and listen to the sessions? - Relationship with money
    - To reintegrate what is missing
    - Ego
    - Law of attraction
    - Simple and efficient pilar exercices
    Access to videos

    Fear but move forward!

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